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Are you in need of locating witnesses to obtain crucial witness statements? Look no further. At JurisProbe, our licensed private Texas investigators specialize in skip tracing and locating individuals, including witnesses and those needing to be served with civil process.

Why Choose JurisProbe Services?

Expert Texas Investigators

Our team of skilled private investigators is experienced in the art and science of locating witnesses. Each investigator is well-versed in the latest methods and techniques, ensuring the highest success rates in finding individuals.

Advanced Tools and Resources

We leverage state-of-the-art computer data sources and an extensive network of contacts and resources to locate witnesses both nationwide and internationally. Our comprehensive approach ensures we have the right tools for every job.

Proven Success

While no private detective can guarantee a 100% success rate, JurisProbe boasts an exceptionally high percentage of successful witness locates for attorneys across the country. Our track record speaks for itself:

  • Case Success 1: We located a woman who had relocated from Dallas, Texas to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Despite having minimal information, we successfully tracked her down and closed the case.
  • Case Success 2: We found a man who had fled out of Texas to avoid legal issues. Through sophisticated internet profiling, we located him in suburban Florida, living under a false identity.

Comprehensive Witness Location Services

Locating witnesses involves significant effort and expertise. Taking statements that hold up in court can be even more challenging. At JurisProbe, we handle both aspects with professionalism and precision, ensuring your case is strengthened by reliable witness testimony.

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