Why us?

We Locate People, Money, and Assets

Nationwide investigative services trusted by a broad spectrum of entities including law firms, collection agencies, corporations, and individuals.


Highly credentialed and seasoned  private investigators strive for the best results for you and your clients

Communication is Key

Great comminication is key to our success. We will keep you informed throughout the process and relay information expeditously.


You can rely upon the results of our investigations.

Private Investigator Services

Civil Investigations

Using proven effective investigative methods, we collect supporting evidence for civil matters. We can quickly gather evidence for your civil trial.

Pre, Active & Post Litigation Support

Dedicated support for law firms and individuals during every step of the trial procedure.

Post Judgment Recovery

After a judgment has been entered, we can help identify and collect the assets of a debtor.

Asset Location

We help uncover any hidden assets owned by an individual or corporation. We conduct these investigations to gather evidence for debt collection, child support cases, alimony cases, and much more. Our investigators are dedicated to getting you the answers you are looking for.

Skip Tracing

We utilize modern databases and research to find missing or evasive individuals. Our process servers use skip tracing to locate and confirm the proper address to serve legal papers. Skip tracing is also crucial in our investigations as we use it to assist our clients when they are attempting to collect a debt, conduct interviews, and locate lost family members.

Claims Investigations

A look into insurance, workers comp, and other claims to see if they are fraudulent.

Document Retrieval & Filing

We will review and submit your documents to the county clerk to supplement a legal case. We can also pull relevant court records and case information.