What is JurisProbe?

JurisProbe is a first of its kind platform built for modern law offices, private equity, venture capital and corporates, that provides the important intelligence they need, like asset searches, background checks, due diligence and critical legal information, backed by the experience and expertise of a trusted best-in-class investigations firm, JurisProbe.

How do I sign up for JurisProbe?

Signing up takes 60 seconds and is super easy! Just click “Sign Up” in the menu or “Order” anywhere on the home page, and you’ll be asked for your name, email and company name. Once set up, you can order our services 24/7.

What is JurisProbe's Mission?

JurisProbe’s mission is to provide accurate and reliable intelligence simply, and easily, with clear pricing and consistent results. By doing this, we provide clear information when it’s needed the most to our clients, which allows them to make more informed decisions, and better serve their clients.

What Services does JurisProbe offer?

JurisProbe can provide users with a range of services including subject locates, background reports, asset reports and surveillance. Refer to the Intelligence & Investigations Price Guide within JurisProbe for the most up-to-date services available.

Why do I need JurisProbe?

JurisProbe is an easy to use and reliable private investigations service. Do you need to locate someone? Need a background or asset report on a subject? We have you covered. JurisProbe is all of your investigative and intelligence needs in one place backed by JurisProbe a leader in the investigations industry.

Who can use JurisProbe?

Registered Attorneys, paralegals and legal assistance for law firms as well as capital finance staff, and corporate legal & risk team members. We reserve the right to accept or refuse assignments on a case by case basis, regardless of if the user is an approved JurisProbe customer.

How much does JurisProbe cost?

There are no monthly fees for JurisProbe – Users are charged only for the services we provide based on the current Client Services Menu, which are either fixed-rate services or by the hour services.

Which states does JurisProbe cover?

JurisProbe’s full suite of intelligence services (asset searches, background checks, etc.) are available nationwide. Cases requiring licensed investigative work such as field surveillance or witness interviews are available through our private network of licensed, and insured investigators.

What is the refund policy?

You can find our refund policy within our master services agreement, which you can obtain by signing up for JurisProbe, and beginning onboarding. You will not need to sign an agreement to view the terms and conditions for JurisProbe.

I need help with passwords/login/billing information. What do I do?

Just send us a message or call us at (512) 827-0092 We’re here to help!

Who started JurisProbe?

JurisProbe was conceived, deployed and is still powered by the experienced investigative team , based in Texas.

Does JurisProbe have a mobile app?

There is no app for JurisProbe, but it does work on all mobile devices. JurisProbe is currently a web-based application designed to work as seamlessly on a mobile device as it does on a desktop.

Does JurisProbe Check for Conflict?

Yes, we check for conflict. In the case where one firm may retain us to investigate a matter involving another firm’s client, we defer to the originating client for service. Subsequent matters may result in the opposing firm retaining us as long as we are not in conflict.

Is JurisProbe secure?

Since we deal in private information, Information security is at the heart of what we do. JurisProbe is powered by a platform that is CCPA, HIPAA, GDPR and SOC 2 compliant.

Do you follow FCRA and GLBA regulations?

All of our information and intelligence follows the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) and GLBA (Graham Leach Bliley Acts), as well as all federal and state regulations.

How does JurisProbe billing work?

For most firms, the credit card(s) they put on file with us will be used as the primary billing source, and you may request your clients to be billed directly, on a case by case basis. For trial firms representing insurance, privately insured or third party administration, or corporate compliance clients, please contact us so that we can onboard you with the correct terms.

Do you provide insurance information?

We do not provide insurance trace information at this time.

Can financial intelligence be used as evidence?

While accurate, financial intelligence cannot be used as “evidence” as it is intelligence-only and not evidence obtained by a direct warrant or subpoena. Clients will need to use any financial or insurance intelligence we provide to properly subpoena other parties (banks, financial institutions, etc.) as necessary to obtain information to be used as evidence.

Can I have more than one user billed to the same firm?

Absolutely. We’ll set your firm up with whatever custom billing solution is needed. Multiple credit cards? Users? Locations? We have you covered. Our client services department will handle any and all billing questions/issues for you.

Will JurisProbe come to court if they are subpoenaed?

JurisProbe  will answer all valid subpoenas. However, while our goal is to provide accurate intelligence, court appearances are limited to direct requests for individual field investigators who directly witnessed something or spoke to something. Financial intelligence is considered “Intelligence” and not “Evidence”, therefore proper subpoena’s must be used to verify financial data.

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